seriously my old tutor is one of those confusing people. Sometimes he’s overly nice, and sometimes he’s a plain jerk and sometimes he pretends to be nice while being a jerk.

lmao today someone in my class was talking to the new tutor, and said that my old tutor had been saying some people are going to get kicked out. But the new tutor was confused and said he wasn’t kicking anyone out. ???

A researcher tells the following story about her own experience of discovering the seriousness with which young children take gender stereotypes. While interviewing 3 to 6 year olds about their career aspirations, she asked each of them what they would want to be when they grew up if they were members of the opposite sex. Their responses showed that not only did most of the children choose careers that fit the stereotypes of the other gender but also that their perceptions of the limitations imposed by gender were sometimes quite extreme. One little girl confided with a sigh that her true ambition was to fly like a bird, but she could never do it because she was not a boy! One little boy put his hands on his head, sighed deeply, and said helplessly that if he were a girl he would have to grow up and be nothing (Beuf, 1974 as cited by Lips, 2008, p. 401).

holy fucking shit i just

that last line

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Is it an autistic thing to not be able to do anything with vague instructions? Cause I just fucking can’t.

how do you flirt with someone without talking to them or making eye contact or acknowledging them in any way